I pray to God tomorrow's a better day

'cause this is killing me inside. I wan't no more suffering anymore.
Sometimes I wish I never grew up.. I try to help but no one's listening. I try to help myself but I can't touch my heart. It feels like I'm bound to feel bad. I do what I was taught, thats the only thing that can take away my pain.. and it's to starve. Just turn my feelings off.. I can't stand the pain. Some drink, some use drugs, some fight, some spend money, some eat and I don't. I know I'm disrupted, but just look at yourself.. what do you do when you're feeling helpless/sad/angry/heartbroken? Don't blame me. I've had enough.. 
No one but yourself can do it, you have to help yourself. 
I act like I was made of steel, but I'm softer than cotton,
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