We are those who come to fight without a weapon in our hands

We're the goddess' of all that's not allowed. We're too smart to be real, we can't drop our guard and let ourselves be females. We fell in love in a hopeless picture, a picture that's not even human. 
We made it to the moon but we can't make it home.. maybe home is where the ideals are burnt to the core.
A nuclear fire start to burn in my heart..


I can feel it coming back again, like a rolling' thunder chasing the wind

The sound of losing what I never found


I thought I could fly, so why did I drown? 
I'm stuck on the ground. Not ready to let go, 'cause then I'll never know what I could be missing. So why do I try? I know I'm gonna fall down. 
What does it take to come alive? Can it just be over.

We're always free to choose, never free enough to find,