Jag ser en himmel utan moln, en sjuk version av frihet

Du håller mig som ingen annan, i en värld som är hopplös och sjuk.

And I'll fall on my knees, tell me how's the way to see. Show me all that I could be! 
Can you hear me, can't feel nothing. 

I can't give up, I can't give in. 

I will drag the devil down,

I can't see clearly, danger will follow me now

..this tired mind just want to be lead home.
Drop it again,

I want to raise a wall with the world until there is nothing left to lose

Empty and cold but it keeps me alive. I gave it my soul so that I could survive.
Keeping me safe in these chains, precious pain.

I made it to the moon, but I can't make it home. Tearing myself down, piece by piece. I've thrown myself out off a cliff without a parachute. 
En fruktansvärd hat-kärlek som ingen kan förstå. 
In the hands of satan,