The sound of losing what I never found


I thought I could fly, so why did I drown? 
I'm stuck on the ground. Not ready to let go, 'cause then I'll never know what I could be missing. So why do I try? I know I'm gonna fall down. 
What does it take to come alive? Can it just be over.

We're always free to choose, never free enough to find,

Törs jag lägga kinden i din hand?

Ett val som jag enkelt kan välja bort.

But you know me better than the poison in my veins. I have made you suffer, left you waiting in the rain.. I was chasing demons in the desert of my pain. For you I'll lay my monsters down, for you and you alone I'll find my way back home. I love you like the sun loves California.
You self-distructive little girl, pick yourself up.You just don't always love yourself. The goal is to keep you from falling. It's like I'm living in a world with no air.

I keep on fighting with myself, with my thoughts and with my obsessions. I just want to break free! 
//Skinny love, J

Just wrap me in your arms..

'cause with you, I got it all..
what's in our home, is all I want.. I'm in love.
Happy b-day to my wonderful fiancé! Wish you were home by now ♥
yours truly, J