I can think until there are barely anything left

I want to be free from the pain it gives me. It were never supposed to happen, it just did. 
I've already released so much pain, but this is probably the most difficult one. I have to enlarge it, make it grow and feel it, before I can release it. I need to let it go.. I need to break free from this sorrow and pain.
I did it and felt terribly bad, but today I can forgive myself for the very first time. Allowing the sorrow to go away.. 

One day I will tell my story

The wounded and the filtered truth

Don't ignore a life that's real. I want a world that I can get lost in.. 
I want to feel the bottom of every laugh, every tear in the sadness, the faintest feeling of every kiss, every letter in the word love.. 
I want to look at the stars and feel united, I want to stand on the ground and feel mother earth within me. I want to spread the energy of joy and happiness.
I want to open up my eyes and feel. 

With the moon I run,